Organic Tea Range

Fontanella procures the best quality herbs and works with a team of experts to prepare our signature organic tea range - natural remedies to the body's aging. 

Our signature blends are crafted with deep flavours, and balanced with herbal medicinals. Adapting the best of his medical experience and learning, and then combining his understanding of alternative therapies, Dr. Mike Pukanic has developed a scientifically formulated range of vitamin rich organic teas that can be used daily for results that optimise health and lifestyle.


Find your ideal tea match today. You know best how your body feels, and we know the best remedies for some of the body's worst feelings. 100% money back guarantee offered on some of our products. If your order is covered by our guarantee, you will be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price and shipping cost if you decide to return your products. All products subject to exchange or returns pursuant to this guarantee must be in the same condition as those referred to in Change of Mind guarantee. We reserve the right to withdraw our 100% money back guarantee at any time without further notice. We carefully monitor the entire process from crop to cup, tracking detailed information about each and every ingredient that goes to every single product. We pride ourselves on providing a very generous amount of information detailing all aspects of our teas. We want our customers to have the opportunity to make a fully informed decision; consult with friends, families and their preferred medical advisors. For each product we have in-depth knowledge of the origin, creation process, blend composition and flavour profile of our certified organic tea range.


Origin - the country in which the tea was grown
Ingredient Listings - we always give our customers the transparency to make the healthiest decision for their own body
Serving suggestion - we have clear recommendations on how to achieve the optimum flavour
Sealed & Kept Fresh - our tea is delivered in tight, air-sealed pouches
Stored with Care - at all times in our development process