For those with trouble sleeping, this signature blend is the perfect herbal tea for sleep. Make it a part of your bedtime ritual, this certified organic tea is the perfect herbal medicinal problem solver.

Organic Goodnight Tea


For those with trouble sleeping, this signature blend is the perfect organic herbal tea for goodnight sleeps. This is the ideal herbal medicinal problem solver. 

This custom tea is crafted with Chamomile, Valerian Peppermint and Licorice, these  naturally sourced active ingredients are a natural remedy to help sleep. Fontanella Founder Dr Mike and our resident tea specialists have harnessed the power of centuries-old herbs including Chamomile and Valerian to create a deliciously flavourful tea to be enjoyed before bed.
Chamomile and Valerian are renowned for their ability to:
  • Calm the Mind & Body – Reduces the effect of anxiety/stress
  • Induce Sleep – Helpful for those who suffer insomnia
  • Increase Antioxidant Intake – High in Flavones
Best Fontanella Supplement Pairing for Fontanella Organic Goodnight Tea:

Best Fontanella Supplement Pairing for Fontanella Organic Goodnight Tea: Team it with our Organic Bloating Tea to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress throughout the day. 
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What Makes a Bed-time Ritual Good?
My colleague, respected UK based health professional Deborah Forsythe from The Menopause Consultant and DF Clinics, suggests going back to basics and establishing a regular bed-time ritual.

The act of meditating is relaxing, it calms the mind and stills those constant and ever-present thoughts in your head. Choose something to focus on (sound or visual). There are many podcasts and apps readily available to lead you through a guided meditation.

Listen to Relaxing Music
Specific music can actually help you fall asleep – try to listen to music without specific lyrics as you won’t be tempted to sing along as you are trying to drift off!

Read a Book and Sip on Herbal Tea
Relax into your favourite read and sip on a deliciously, sleep-inducing herbal tea.

Find the Best Solution for You
Be patient. Finding the best approach to sleep may require some trial and error. Whether you find relief and sleep in a natural, herbal menopausal supplement, meditation or work hand in hand with your chosen medical professional, know that there are solutions for menopause related sleep issues.
Just remember, be kind to yourself throughout your pre- and post-menopausal journey. We are all different, and every woman will have unique and special self-care needs.
Take the time to find the best solution for you, and if you suffer from continued sleep issues consult your health/medical professional.
Excerpt from Sixty And Me