Bundle Pack - Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Tea

Bundle Pack - Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Tea

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Organic Tea Money Back Guarantee 100% Australian Owned
Crafted in Australia from the highest quality organic ingredients to create a taste sensation to deliver real health benefits in every single cup. The tea is made with pure ingredients harvested fresh and blended in proportions designed to be effective and delicious. 
Bundle Includes: 1 x Pack of Pre-Workout Tea and 1 x Pack of Post-Workout Tea


Fuel your body for physical activity and an optimum workout with our all-natural, sugar-free Organic Pre-Workout tea. An energising drink that activates muscles for accelerated performance at the gym

High in antioxidants and packed with the highest quality, metabolism stimulating Matcha (Green Tea) and Siberian Ginseng, our Organic Pre-Workout tea stimulates every cell in the body for peak performance and may aid weight-loss.

Enjoy hot or take it chilled in your to-go water bottle for a natural energy boost. 

Ingredients: Peppermint, Matcha, Siberian Ginseng & Natural Flavouring.


You’ve pushed your body to the limit. Rebuild and recover with our sugar-free tea made from organic Chamomile, Peppermint and Nettle blended with Amino Acids and Polyphenols that restore, repair and protect every cell in the body after a strenuous workout.

Assists hydration and muscular recovery. Recover the right way and enjoy our Peppermint and Chamomile infused Organic Post-Work Out tea warm or chilled in your to-go water bottle. Enjoy warm or chilled.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Nettle Leaf, Chamomile & Natural Flavouring.


"I have been using the tea for a month now, and it is part of my nightly routine. Fontanella is wholly Australian owned and operated, a company committed to healthy living. They create premium, natural, science led wellness formulations. This combination is extremely important, one because I want to support local, but also, I want to ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality."

"Calm your mind and body, feel every tension slip away sip by sip"