FAQs about our Natural Remedies


Is Fontanella made overseas?
Fontanella is one of Australia’s leading menopause supplement brands. The company is wholly Australian owned and all products, including menopause tablets and certified organic teas are 100% made in Australia. 
A small portion of herbal medicinal ingredients that are not farmed and available in Australia however are sourced from overseas.
Every single Fontanella formulation is created using the highest quality, naturally sourced active ingredients; sourced only from trusted suppliers. Our high potency supplements do not contain artificial or synthetic fillers and we rigorously test our products to ensure efficacy.
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Is this an Australian Company?
Yes, Fontanella is an Australian family owned and operated company; committed to natural health and natural remedies. We believe in the intrinsic link between healthy bodies, healthy minds and happy people!
Our Fontanella team is dedicated to delivering readily available wellness solutions for everybody, with our scientifically led all-natural wellness formulations and supplements.



Can I take your Menopause Formula tablets in conjunction with any other medication, including heart medication?
All our supplements and organic teas are herbal formulations, developed and made in Australia with scientific know-how and centuries of tradition.  Every formula is created to heal and work in harmony with the body and should not interfere with any prescribed medications.  However, we recommend consulting your health care practitioner prior to commencing any new health care regime, including the introduction of supplements and herbs.

Can you tell me more about the Menopause Formula?
Menopause tablets are a herbal formula targeting menopause symptoms i.e. hot flushes, night sweats, hair thinning, sore breasts, nervous irritability and general trouble sleeping. 
Our Menopause formula reduces the symptoms, giving menopause relief to those suffering menopause signs at all stages. Perimenopause, early menopause, premenopausal, no matter your menopause age Fontanella has a natural remedy to help you relieve the symptoms.

Does your Hot Flashes Tea guarantee to stop hot flashes?
Unfortunately, there is still no guaranteed remedy for hot flashes in mainstream or complementary, natural medicine. We can assure you that Fontanella Natural Sleep Remedies & Other Relief Supplements have a high customer satisfaction rate.

Is the Menopause Formula suitable for people with breast cancer?
Our menopause tablets are a herbal medicinal formula. The Menopause Formula product does NOT contain any hormones, it is NOT Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is reported that combination HRT Medication increases breast cancer risk and cancer mortality by approximately 75%, even when used for only a short time.
Our Menopause Formula 100% does NOT contain any hormones, and is therefore suitable for any woman, including patients with breast cancer.
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How long does it take Fontanella Menopause Formula to work?
Similarly to mainstream medicine, response to medication is uniquely individual. Fontanella recommends committing to a consistent 3-month cycle of menopause supplements and consider continuing additional months if more advanced in age.
Our Menopause Formula is designed to reduce menopause symptoms, perimenopause symptoms and bring relief even for early menopause signs. In order to achieve a result we recommend taking our menopause tablets for a minimum of 6 weeks.
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Does your Menopause Formula help with bloating?
Our Menopause supplements are not designed to ail bloating, however we do have a separate herbal medicinal product, a certified organic tea, a custom tea, Fontanella Organic Bloating Tea is a soothing cup for the whole gastrointestinal system. Enjoy a cup every day for relief of symptoms associated with abdominal bloating, indigestion and stomach cramps.

Is the Fontanella Menopause Formula safe to use if you cannot have any estrogen?
Even if you are not allowed to take estrogen hormones, the Fontanella Menopause formula is 100% safe and recommended.
Our menopause tablets are a herbal medicinal formula. The Menopause Formula product does NOT contain any hormones, it is NOT Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is reported that combination HRT Medication increases breast cancer risk and cancer mortality by approximately 75%, even when used for only a short time.

Are there side effects from using Fontanella Menopause Formula?
Side effects are rare. If any occur, please cease taking the product and seek advice from your doctor.

Does your Menopause Formula assist with bone density?
Menopause Formula does not have ingredients assisting bone density.

Will Menopause Formula help me lose weight?
Menopause weight gain is a common symptom for women. Our product is a menopause dietary supplement but it is not designed to slow down weight gain or assist with weight loss. 

Is your Menopause Formula safe for people with Thyroid issues?
All our products are herbal medicines and don't interfere with thyroid diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal, hormonal problems, neurological or psychiatric diseases or treatment.

Do your products contain lactose?
No, none of our products contain lactose.

Are your products safe for coeliacs?
Yes, all of our products are safe for coeliacs.

Does your Menopause Formula contain soy?
No, this product does not contain soy.

Is Black Cohosh dangerous?
By law, all menopause supplements must display a warning about Black Cohosh due to the very rare cases it may be associated with liver damage. Fontanella’s experience is that it is still extremely rare and an unfounded associated. We have never had any complications amongst any of our customers. However, we recommend that any patient with a liver disease, like cirrhosis or hepatitis B or C should NOT take our Menopause Formula. It is not recommended for women with a preexisting damaged liver. 
All menopause formulas containing Black Cohosh have a warning requested by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Do you accept Afterpay or Zip Pay?
We do not currently accept Afterpay or Zip Pay. We DO accept Paypal.

Can I order your products by phone?
Yes you can, please call 1300 022 400 to place an order.

Are your products available in Africa or America?
We are able to send our products worldwide from our Australian base. If you make an order anywhere in the world we will ensure it gets delivered.

Do you offer samples?
No, we do not offer samples of our products.

Is the cost of your products in AUD?
Yes, all costs shown are in AUD.

Are your products sold in chemists?
No, in order to maintain our competitive pricing and great value our products are only available for purchase directly from Fontanella; either online or by phone order.