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Try Our New Range of Organic Teas!

Introducing Fontanella's  New  Range of Functional and Organic Teas!

Experience the deliciously healthy benefits of tea blended with the added advantages of organic herbal remedies to heal, relieve, energise and soothe.

Each tea is designed to promote prescription-free healthy living using time-honoured remedies that are proven to benefit our overall health and well-being.

Every tea is blended in Australia from the highest quality all-natural ingredients to create a caffeine-free taste sensation to deliver real health benefits in every cup.


We believe that healthy bodies create healthy minds and that leads to happy people!

Guided by the principles of our founder, Dr. Mike, a health and wellness professional with over 40 years’ experience we are on a mission to create healthy lifestyles for everyone. We believe that when we care for our physical bodies our minds will be stronger and our lifestyles, happier. As a former health care practitioner, Dr Mike and his team at Fontanella know that the fast pace of the right foods, getting enough sleep and exercising are as essential to a healthy lifestyle as getting all your vitamins.

At Fontanella, we know that the getting the best health benefits from supplements and vitamins comes from high quality ingredients, made here in Australia with no added fillers. Every single one of our formulations is developed using the highest quality, all natural and organic (where possible) ingredients together with a combination of scientifically led knowledge and all-natural herbal ingredients.

With this knowledge and experience in mind, we invite you to fuel your healthy living program with our Fontanella supplements and now, our new herbal organic teas.

As we continue to grow and develop our wholly Australian owned and operated business based in Sydney, Australia we look forward to your feedback and always welcome your comments.

Let’s Live Healthy.