SUPPORTS cognitive function

IMPROVES memory and concentration

RELIEVES symptoms of mild stress and anxiety

ENCOURAGES better energy and vitality in the brain

Memory Boost is the latest innovative product from Fontanella and Mike Pukanic, the inventor of Super Antioxidant, designed to improve your general wellbeing.



Memory Boost is a complete memory and concentration supplement consisting of 7 natural ingredients which work together in harmony to support healthy cognitive function, memory and concentration, as well as relieving the symptoms of mild stress and anxiety. These 7 natural ingredients support circulation of blood in the blood vessels in the brain, encouraging better energy and vitality in the brain, resulting in better long and short term memory and improved concentration.

Memory Boost is currently the best memory formula available on the market, and is made using powerful antioxidants, which have been shown to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.


Memory Boost is recommended for anyone who needs improved concentration in their day to day life, including those with detail oriented or high stress positions requiring a higher level of cognitive function and better energy.

Memory Boost is a solution for anyone who wants to support their cognitive function, memory and concentration.


My studies are much easier!

I am a university student of accountancy.I have been taking  the Fontanella Memory boost for a while on a regular basis. Almost immediately I have noticed that my concentration and memory have dramatically improved,which is a huge relief as I have to memorize a lot of data in my studies. Thanks to the memory formula my studies are much easier now.

Dom L, Castle Hill 


I felt more alive and upbeat!

When taking this antioxidant I felt more alive and upbeat! My day was full of energy and enthusiasm. I couldn’t believe how I felt as I am usually really fatigued after work. However, after taking this antioxidant I was more upbeat then ever throughout the day and night.

Sara D, Sydney


My memory has improved!

I have been using the Fontanella memory formula for several weeks now. I am a manager in an extremely busy smash repairs business. My duties require my full concentration practically all the time. I am delighted that my memory has much improved as well as my focus in my very complex and hectic job.

Kruno H, Parramatta 


Better than I have felt in decades!

I am 74 years old with history of high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and partially blocked heart arteries. Since I started taking the Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT capsules, I have noticed that my energy level has improved, I can now walk 2 kilometers every day without having to stop and take a break, which is fantastic for my overall health and wellbeing. I have also noticed that my vision has improved, especially my night vision, which is important when I drive at night. Taking 1 easy to swallow capsule a day is so simple, I take it with my regular medication in the morning and then I can get on with my day knowing that I have the support of Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT with me for the whole day.

Milly K, Sydney


Helps me feel young!

I am a 51 year old mother of two, which means that I have sometimes let my own health take a back burner as I focused on my kids. My biggest health problem has always been my varicose veins, for which I have had several operations, although even after surgery I still suffer from pain from the varicose veins. When I started taking Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT, I have noticed that the swelling in my legs has decreased significantly, and that I have less pain in my legs each day. I can stand up and move around for a longer period of time now than I could before, and my mobility has improved, allowing me to lead an active life and have better overall wellbeing.

Irene O, Sydney