Organic Pre &
Post Workout Tea Bundle

Our new workout bundle is the perfect tea-combo to help fuel your workout and relax when you're finished!

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—Endurance and energy for a great workout in a cup of tea! Our Organic Pre-Workout Tea is a refreshing, sugar-free blend of Organic Green Tea and Siberian Ginseng—

Our organic Australian made tea is a healthy alternative to regular sports drinks and contains no nasty additives. Enjoy a natural energy boost courtesy of our careful blend of high-quality Matcha (Green Tea) and Ginseng. It’s the perfect pre-gym, pre-walk or pre-yoga antioxidant boosting cuppa!


—With your workout done it’s time to recover and the best way to do that is with a cup of our Organic Post Workout Tea. —

Our blend of organic Peppermint and Nettle soothe sore muscles while the addition of Amino acids and Polyphenols help the body refuel and rehydrate. Blended to lend a hand to the body’s natural process of recovery by aiding hydration and assisting muscular recovery. Revitalise and soothe the body after any workout, walk or stretch session with a cup of Organic Post Work Out Tea.

All Fontanella Organic Teas are:

— Pure & Natural
— Made with Organic Ingredients
— Naturally Gluten Free
— No Added Sugar
— Blended in Australia from premium, high quality ingredients
— Australian Owned & Operated