Organic Goodnight Tea

Organic Goodnight Tea


Enjoy all the antioxidant benefits of tea in our naturally herbal Organic Good Night Tea crafted with Chamomile, Valerian Peppermint and Licorice. This unique formulation is the creation of a collaboration

between Fontanella Founder Dr Mike and our tea specialists who have harnessed the power of centuries-old herbs including Chamomile and Valerian to create a deliciously flavourful tea to that can be enjoyed throughout the day and before bed.

Chamomile and Valerian are renowned for their ability to:

  • Calm the Mind & Body – Reduces the effect of anxiety/stress
  • Induce Sleep – Helpful for those who suffer insomnia
  • Increase Antioxidant Intake – High in Flavones

Best Fontanella Supplement Pairing for Fontanella Organic Goodnight Tea: