Try These 5 Memory Boosting Foods Today

Try These 5 Memory Boosting Foods Today

Posted by Mike Pukanic on

We’ve all had those times when a memory lapse has left us in a frenzy! Like the moment you realise your phone is nowhere to be found.

Panic strikes your core as you retrace every step and every moment. Nothing. After what seems like endless hours of searching, your phone magically reappears, and you are left completely exhausted from the whole experience!

It can be frustrating, but forgetfulness is a normal part of life; as we age so does our memory. It’s important to remember that the brain is complex and our ability to retain information and remember important dates is different for everyone, we are all unique and have our own DNA.

While there is no single solution that works for everyone, one simple option that is having a positive effect on memory and brain health is investing in the right foods that feed and fuel your brain. In fact, there are some foods that are scientifically proven to help improve brain function and memory loss.

Seafood and green leafy vegetables were an important part of my Croatian childhood. I remember the delight of devouring my Mother’s seafood stews (Brudet) and her green leafy vegetables (Rastika). Today, my wife and I continue to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and seafood, which might be why we have remembered to celebrate every single one of our 50 wedding anniversary dates!

Incorporating these 5 foods into your diet may help proper brain functioning and memory. 

1. Salmon/sardines

Salmon and sardines are both natural sources of omega-3s. The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (USA), found that people with high omega-3 levels had greater blood flow to brain regions associated with memory and learning. Optional plant sources of omega-3s include soya beans, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in brain nurturing Vitamin K and glucosinolates; key for the optimal functioning of our central nervous system. Research conducted by Harvard University Health indicates that food high in Vitamin K, lutein, folate and beta carotene may assist the performance of and reduce signs of cognitive decline.

3. Walnuts

The humble walnut is the best nut for cerebral health, due to their high concentration of DHA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid. DHA has been shown to improve brain health in adults and even more importantly, assist where decline is already taking place. One quarter of a cup of walnuts per day will deliver 100% of the daily recommended DHA intake.

4. Leafy greens

An extensive study conducted by Harvard University found that women who ate high amounts of vegetables, especially leafy greens, such as kale and spinach — experienced less age-related decline in their memory. Adding more greens to your diet is a risk-free way to combat the effects of age-related cognitive disfunction.

5. Sage

Sage and sage oil have been recognised for their medicinal properties for centuries. In 1597 John Gerard, a renowned herbalist said; “It is singularly good for the head and brain and quickeneth the nerves and memory." Recently, British studies have shown that when adults consumed sage oil supplements, their recall was significantly improved. Fresh sage used in meal preparation is believed to have the same results.


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