Teeth they are very much in style, They must be very much worthwhile - Dr. Seuss

Teeth they are very much in style, They must be very much worthwhile - Dr. Seuss

Posted by Mike Pukanic on

The cat in the hat is one smart cat, he knows that a good set of teeth aren’t just a timeless necessity, they are indicators of what’s going on in our whole body.   Did you know that women are especially vulnerable to adverse oral health during menopause?

We know that everybody will respond differently to the fluctuation of hormones in their body during menopause. Most of us have heard about the hot sweats – but, a lesser known side-effect is the irritation and potential for bone decay that happens in the mouth as a result of menopause.

Menopause can wreak havoc with the balance of hormones in the female body and can manifest in many ways; including in the teeth and gums which can suddenly become prone to increased sensitivity and inflammation.  Understanding that these issues are related to changing and imbalanced hormones is the key to finding a solution. 

It’s not just the mouth that responds to hormone swings; some of the most common physiological effects of menopause can be exhausting with many women enduring sleepless nights, hot flushes and on-going nervous tension.

There is a solution that may ease the discomfort many women experience during menopause. Our Fontanella Menopause Formula is developed with premium ingredients that can to boost your energy levels and generally, increase wellbeing.  We cultivate the highest-grade Black Cohosh, a natural herb that has been used for centuries to moderate oestrogen levels, add in Panax Ginseng, a renowned Korean herb know to reduce mood swings, Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and Sage Extract which relives hot flushes and bleeding irregularities to create a powerful, one a day supplement that acts to balance hormones, moods and body temperature.

If you are experiencing menopause, pay extra attention to your oral health.  Here are a few simple things you do can everyday:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss.

It’s one of the most important things you can do for your oral health
Make sure your toothbrush is in good shape
Floss: your dentist can show you the best flossing techniques

2. Schedule Regular Visits to Your Dentist
It’s recommended that you visit your Dentist at least twice a year
Your Dentist is the expert when it comes to cavities and cleaning
Talk to your dentist if you have concerns about menopausal symptoms that impact your teeth & gums
3. Avoid Sugary Beverages
Stay away from drinks that are high in sugar as they are detrimental for your overall oral health
If you do indulge brush your teeth right afterwards!


At Fontanella we harvest nature’s potent ingredients and combine them with scientific know-how to create wellness supplements that work. We create every single Fontanella supplement in Australia with integrity and a commitment to quality. 

Talk to your own health professional to discuss your personal menopause journey and, if you are experiencing oral symptoms, talk to your dentist.

Let’s live healthy.