RESVERATROL - The free-radical fighter

RESVERATROL - The free-radical fighter

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By Dr. Mike

Blame it on the US election hype, but I’ve been thinking about free radicals and before you even ask, they are not a political movement!

Free radicals are a world away from politics, but they do share a few common characteristics with some of the people we see in politics: free radicals have the potential to do harm, they don’t like to negotiate and they have the ability to take human cells as hostages.

Free radicals are not nice.  They are the nasty, unstable atoms that inhibit our bodies and cause havoc to our health in the form of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease, cancers and ageing disorders.  What most people don’t know about free radicals is that they are a natural occurrence in the human body – mostly caused by exposure to pollution, excessive sunlight and fat burning which can exacerbate the production and spread of free radicals throughout the body.

The good news is, we know how to keep these radicals in check.  Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted to understand free radicals and their impact on disease. It has become increasingly clear to researchers that we are able to manage the behaviour of free radicals in the human body with antioxidants, which have the ability to neutralise free radicals and stop their destructive game plan; preventing them from further damaging our body.[1]

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain an abundance readily digested antioxidants; especially darker coloured fruits like blueberries, mulberries and red grapes; which can, be used to make red wine. We’ve all heard that wine is an excellent source of antioxidants, but how many of us have enjoyed the antioxidant benefits of Resveratrol?

Chances are, if you’ve sipped on nice glass of red; then, you’ve enjoyed the antioxidant benefits of Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, found on the skin of red grapes.

It is widely believed that the all-natural, plant derived Resveratrol developed its antioxidant powers on the grape vine, where it protected the grape plant from disease.  In humans, Resveratrol may act in a similar manner and protect against free radicals in the body. 

The Resveratrol sourced from red grapes and Japanese knotweed provide the two most potent, naturally occurring forms of Resveratrol and are believed to be effective in acting as a preventative, while also supporting mental and physical recovery.

To get your daily dose of Resveratrol try our carefully formulated Fontanella Super Antioxidant Formula, blended with the power of 5 super antioxidants.

1.      Japanese Knotweed

A potent, naturally derived antioxidant

2.      Pomegranate

Works to combat the fight against free radicals

3.      Marigold

For healthy vision and eyes

4.      Lutein

A naturally sourced super powered antioxidant

5.      Resveratrol

Easily absorbed and digested free radical fighter


This formula of highly effective antioxidants work together to support the immune system, fight free radicals, assist with general well-being and maintain cardiovascular health.

At Fontanella we believe that everyone can live healthy, so we harvest nature’s potent ingredients and combine them with scientific know-how to create wellness supplements that work. We create every single Fontanella supplement in Australia with integrity and a commitment to quality. 

Before you begin any new health care plan or treatment, please talk to your healthcare practitioner; consider any pre-existing medical conditions and prescription medications you may be taking.

Let’s live healthy.