Keeping Your Cool

Keeping Your Cool

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Tips and tricks for managing hot flushes

One of the most common symptoms of menopause is hot flushes. Hot flushes are caused by a decline in the body’s production of oestrogen. Hot flushes are an unpredictable, uncomfortable part of menopause. Symptoms vary from mild and relatively short-lived, to ongoing and quite debilitating. But the good news is, if you are experiencing hot flushes, there are a range of natural treatments and lifestyle adjustments that can bring relief.

Spice Up Your Life

Love a curry or chilli stir fry? Unfortunately for foodies, spicy meals have a reputation for triggering hot flushes and should be avoided until your symptoms reduce. There is also evidence* that substituting red meat for oily fish offers many benefits. So put grilled salmon, poke bowls, or smoked trout salad on the menu this week!

Gonna Make You Sweat

Clothes made of natural fibres are excellent at wicking away the moisture caused the excess sweating that hot flushes can generate, day or night. Dressing in light layers is a simple way to head off any discomfort when things heat up. And at bedtime, bamboo could well be your new best friend. Super absorbent, soft and stretchy you can buy nightwear and bedding made from this beautiful natural fibre, that’s ideal for keeping fresh at night.

Ice, Ice Baby

Keep a supply of ice on hand to add to drinks throughout the day. A soft gel ice pack or wheat pack stored in the fridge can bring immediate relief when your internal thermostat is going through the roof. Try placing under your pillow. At night, use ceiling fans, or small electric fan on your bedside table to keep the air circulating, and the temperature down. Fire up the aircon, if you have it, just before bed to

Red, Red Wine

Sad news for those who enjoy a tipple now and then, alcohol can trigger hot flushes in some women. Alcohol cause blood vessels to expand, which makes you feel warmer and can even cause your face and neck to flush. Not what you need when trying to fend off a hot flush. If you’ve observed signs of flushing with certain alcoholic drinks (like our old friend red wine), it’s best to avoid these drinks at this time. And always consume in moderation.

It’s Only Natural

Since ancient times, women have used all kinds of plant-based remedies to manage a range of conditions and symptoms. Black Cohosh is often called a natural form of hormone replacement therapy. It can work to modulate oestrogen, keeping things in balance and keeping menopause symptoms at bay. Natural sage extract can also be used to reduce hot flushes and night sweats. These, and three other natural nutrients and herbs are found in Fontanella’s Menopause Formula. Put the fan down, and order online today.

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This content is of a general nature and does not take into consideration your unique circumstances. Consult your health care practitioner for more information.