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Enjoying or taking tea was made fashionable by Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, in 1865, when the lengthy wait between lunch and dinner left her feeling peckish enough to have small, yet delicious snacks delivered to her rooms!

Enter the emergence of the High Tea or Afternoon Tea, as an opportunity for women, in particular, to connect and talk about their families, culture and politics over tea while devouring delicate sweets and savoury sandwiches.

High Tea Today

This traditional British pastime is enjoyed around the world today and is ceremoniously celebrated in 5-star hotel lobbies, cafes and lounge rooms, providing a forum for everyone, of all sexes and ages, to share a cuppa and a chat.

Enjoying a High Tea with friends doesn’t have to be a calorific experience, laden with sweet and savory delights washed down with cups of sugary tea. Have you ever thought about breaking with tradition and opting for a Healthy High Tea instead?

Healthy High Tea

My wife Alka and I really enjoy having friends over, and recently, we decided to try something different and invited our friends over for a Healthy High Tea, a simple gathering of friends who can meet weekly and talk about our families, our experiences and our journey.

Our afternoon tea is mentally healthy because we talk and connect amongst friends. It’s physically healthy, because we’ve eliminated sweet treats in favour of fresh food alternatives and opted for some healthy, caffeine free herbal teas to serve!

So, break with tradition today. Afternoon tea is a great way to see your friends, get things off your mind and enjoy some guilt-free treats over a heart-warming cup of tea!

Start Planning Your Afternoon Tea

Here are the three most important components of any High Tea gathering:

Drink Options

Give your friends a choice of 3 or 4 different tea varieties and include caffeine-free, natural herbal teas. Have you tried peppermint or chamomile tea? Or you could try an anti-oxidant packed Green (matcha) Tea

Eat Wise

Replacing the scones won’t be easy! Think of foods that complete the flavours of the herbal teas you are serving.

Perhaps a fresh fruit plate (think colourful fresh berries, vibrant mango and sweet kiwi fruit), and some raw nuts scattered over the top.


Our purpose for having a Healthy High Tea is to talk and share our thoughts with our friends, without having to worry about overindulging! So be sure to invite friends who could really use a friend and an open heart.

Cheers to your health and friendships with a cup of healthy tea!

If you are looking for a something new to try, have a look at the brand new Fontanella collection of Organic, herbal teas. Each variety is naturally free from additives and caffeine and can be enjoyed every day at leisure either hot or cold.

Do you snack between lunch and dinner? Would you call this snack High Tea? Why or why not? What could you do to gather friends for High Tea  English style or healthy style?

Let's Have a Conversation!