Brahmi Brilliance: 3 Reasons You Need It Today

Brahmi Brilliance: 3 Reasons You Need It Today

Posted by Mike Pukanic on

With so much information available to us these days, making the right health decision is increasingly difficult. There are plenty of products out there that claim to enhance the memory, how do you know which supplements, vitamins or minerals are the right ones for you?

Let’s look at history. A quick look at the world of Ayurvedic medicine shows references to Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) appeared as early as 3rd Century AD11. In India, Brahmi has been celebrated as a revitalizing herb for more than 3000 years. Brahmi was regularly used to treat numerous types of mental disorders and boost memory for centuries; interestingly, it was also used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and anxiety.

Today, global studies continue to reveal the benefits of Brahmi, including its potential to assist learning, concentration and information retention. It’s efficacy as a “brain tonic” that assists brain function and clarity of thought makes Brahmi the leading ingredient in our Fontanella Memory Boost.

Brahmi has proved its worth over centuries of use as a safe and effective remedy that can have a tremendously positive effect on the brain and help boost memory.

We’ve also learnt that as a herbal supplement, Brahmi, is the brilliant multi-tasker because:


I have talked about antioxidants and their role in maintaining physical health. As humans, our health depends on the well-being of our cells; that means, the healthier our cells are, the healthier we are. Antioxidants help the body get-rid of the free-radicals that can cause cell damage and make us sick. 


This year has been highly stressful for many people and as we seek out ways to reduce anxiety, we can look at the benefits of Brahmi. It has been shown to actually reduce the amount of stress inducing cortisol the body producing – leading to better modes and better coping mechanism for anxiety.


When blood pressure is elevated above normal levels is paces added stress and strain on the heart and the surrounding vessels. This is what may put a certain category of people at risk of a heart attack. Certain studies have shown that Brahmi may be effective in reducing high levels of blood pressure.


When I created Fontanella, my aim was to research and understand how alternative therapies and natural formulations have been used across our global cultures. We have benefits of centuries of Brahmi effectiveness are now harmoniously incorporated into our Fontanella Memory Boost where we marry modern science and the wisdom of our ancestors; to create a superior concentration formulation.

Fontanella Memory Boost supports memory, healthy cerebral function, recollection and attentiveness. Made with Brahmi and boosted with the added benefits of: Gotu Kola, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve stress and enhance memory, Vitamin B6, essential for healthy neurotransmitter and nervous system function; Gingko Biloba, to support normal and healthy memory function & Folic Acid, essential in the formulation of red blood cells our Fontanella Memory Boost may improve concentration levels, general memory and attention levels.

At Fontanella we believe that everyone can live healthy, so we harvest nature’s potent ingredients and combine them with scientific know-how to create wellness supplements that work. We create every single Fontanella supplement in Australia with integrity and a commitment to quality.