3 Simple Steps for Daily Wellness

3 Simple Steps for Daily Wellness

Posted by Mike Pukanic on

Just when we thought it was safe to emerge from our lockdown cocoons, we are suddenly being forced to take a deep breath and re-think our way of life.  The unexpected resurgence of corona virus in parts of the country is as a forceful reminder that our health and wellbeing will continue to significantly impact our communities.

Now, more than ever we need to care for each other and for ourselves.  Living well means learning to care about how you live each day; value the life you have, consider the food you eat and be aware of the actions you do. When you are well, you are healthy and it all starts with you – healthy people, create healthy communities and in turn, we create a healthy world.

The challenges we have faced over the past few months have forced us to rethink our priorities; our values and what’s really important to us.    So, what do you value the most in your life? For me, the answer is simple, and that’s my health.

We can all live healthy – it’s a simple choice, try this 3-Step plan to get started:

Awareness: When you wake up in the morning, practice appreciation for your life and the health you have.  Take 10 minutes to consciously breathe in and out. Instead of immediately looking at your screen; think about all the good things in your life and charge your mind with positive energy for the day ahead.

Sustenance: Your body needs the right fuel to provide you with physical strength and mental stability – respect your body and it will respect you.  Remember that everyone is different, and our dietary needs will vary, but what’s most important is that you listen to your body.  Eat the best quality foods you can afford, include vitamin rich vegetables and enjoy some good for your soul food every now and again!

Motion: Walk or exercise every day.  Movement keeps your body fluid, strengthens muscles and is proven to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.  Get outside; walk, jog or dance!

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Let’s Live Healthy and stay well every day.